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Do Well is not just a name, it is our intention.

We put our best into everything we make, because we want the best for our customers, so they can be their best.

We take pride in our products featuring, quality meats, premium cheeses, fresh fruits & vegetables, & delicious homemade dressings.

We Prepare all our meats & lemonades in house, leaving out the fillers, preservatives, & artificial STUFF.

You can taste the difference

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our mission

At Do Well our mission is to provide wholesome food to the community, while providing a space to gather, connect, and build.

It's about more than food to us; it's building a healthy, unified community that empowers it's members to Do Well, personally, professionally, and beyond. Our motto sets the tone for everything we do and we encourage you to do the same:

Eat Well- Give your body the nourishment it needs.

Live Well- Practice what helps you live your best life.

Do Well- Pay it forward and show others how to eat well, live well, and, of course, Do Well.

We “Do Well” through recycling and donatiing our overstock to those who cannot afford a wholesome meal.




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Find Us

The Black Mall

533 E. 79th Street
Chicago, IL

Mon- Sat
10am- 7pm


Friistyle Chicago

5059 S. Prairie
Chicago, IL

Weds- Thurs
11am- 9pm

11am- 11pm